Questions & Answers

Q: How do I obtain a rite of burial deed?

Call the cemetery office at 508-995-1888 to schedule an appointment with the head groundskeeper.

Q: Can I purchase a number of rite of burial deeds?

The cemetery does not limit the rite of burial deeds. Cemetery lots consist of twelve (12) graves.

Q: Do I have to be a town resident to purchase rite of burial deeds?

Any individual can purchase rite of burial deeds in our cemetery.

Q: What happens when the rite of burial deed holder is deceased?

The rite of burial deed is turned over to the spouse, their children, and blood relatives.

Q: How may I pay for a rite of burial deed?

Cash, checks or money orders are acceptable, made payable to the Acushnet Cemetery Corp.

Q: Is the Acushnet Cemetery open to all religious affiliations?

Yes. The Acushnet Cemetery is open to all faiths.